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1980 Studies drums with Roberto Spizzichino at Mississipi jazz club of Rome.
1981 Privately with Alberto Botta.
1984 studies classic percussions with Enzo Striano at Santa Cecilia conservatory of Rome.
1987 Master class in Ravenna with jack de jonnette.
1988 Master class in Ravenna with Steve Gadd.
1988-89 studies drums at "DRUMMERS COLLECTIVE" of New York with: Duduka Fonseca, Frank Malabe, Frank Katz, Kenwood Dennard, Hank Jaramillo, Kim Plainfield, Louis Bellson, Marvin Smith, Mike Clark, Pete Zeldman, Ricky Sebastian.
Master classes with: Dennis Chambers, Gary Chaffee, Joe Morello, Louis Bellson, Portino.
1990 master class in Rome con Vinnie Colaiuta.
1994 Studies composition privately with Antonio Palcich.

Drums: Pearl and Daila, Sticks: Vic Firth, Cymbals: Ufip and Paiste, Percussions: Shalloch, Electric Drums: Cuk, Audio System in Ear Monitor EAR PROJECT.

Tours, Recordings, Tv-programmes-participations, Recording studio, Radio recordings, Clinics and videos


Amalia Grè, Anagramma, Appassionante, Desiree Kedjour, Wonder band, Marco Rò,
Enrico Capuano, Federico Salvatore
Radio recornding:
Radio rock
Recordin studio:
Stefano Panunzi, Fjieri (Indipendent)

2014: TV:
Primo Maggio concert in Rome San Giovanni live Rai 3.
Andrea Ra, Anna Carrera, Glenis Vàrgas, Jalisse, Federico Vozzella, LaMalareputazione
Federico Salvatore, Enrico Capuano,
batterika, Roma
Recording studio:
The family (indipendent)

2013: concerts:
Appassionante, Federico Vozzella, La Malareputazione
Enrico Capuano, Federico Salvatore, Jalisse.
Sound track' s movie:  "
Bianca come il latte rossa come il sangue" Director Giacomo Campiotti -  Musiic by Andrea Guerra - Luxvide & Rai cinema distribution
Batterika, Roma
Appassionante, Federico Vozzella, La Malareputazione
Tours:  Enrico Capuano, Federico Salvatore, Jalisse.

2012: Concerts: Adelmo musso & big band, Andrea Ra, Alessia Calcagni (coro voci bianche), Appassionante, Anagramma, Claudio Zitti orchestra, Damo Suzuki, Glenis Vargas,
Tours:  Enrico Capuano, Federico Salvatore.
Recording studio: Sound track movie " Viva l'Italia" by Massimiliano Bruno - music by Giualiano Taviani & Carmelo Travia - 01 Ditribution.
Enrico Capuano - Tammurriata Rock, live USA - Canada - Europa.
Andrea Ra (Mister Vanni), Enrico Capuano (where do you go).
Clinics: Batterika Roma, Centromuica - Ortanova (FG)
Interview: Anagramma radio popolare

2011 Daniele has performed with: Anagramma (band), Andrea Ra, Amalia Grè, Audio magazine (band), Claudio Zitti Orchestra, Dunia Molina, Teresa De Sio, Mark shattuk, Zulù (99 Posse).
Tours: Enrico Capuano "Tammurriata rock" (Italia, USA, Canada), Federico Salvatore.
Recording studio: Anagramma (Nibiru) Terre Sommerse, Andrea Ra (Indie) Modern life distribuzione Audioglobe, Coolio, (Acoustic vibration greatest hits) just Entertainment  distribuzione Self, Fabio Furnari (Live at piazza Armerina) Terre Sommerse, Radiodrama (band) Lies From The Court Terre sommerse.
Tv trasmissions and video: "Primo Maggio" with Enrico Capuano Rai 3 TV, Dvd Federico Salvatore, (Se io fossi San Gennaro) Life and Arancia record, DVD Fabio Furnari (Live at Piazza Armerina) Terre sommerse.
Clinics: Fara Nume Theatre - Lido di Ostia (RM), Cherubini - Rome (He has performed two events), Musicarte - Rome (He has performed three events Events), Music Shop - Viterbo.
Radio Interview: Radio Rock, Radio città aperta, Teleradio Stereo, Magazine Chorus.

2010: Daniele has performed with: Alberto Mennini, Anagramma, Andrea Ra, Dunia Molina, Appassionante, Enrico Capuano, Federico Salvatore, Glenis Vargas, The Executives (DK), Moscow Academic Symphonic Orchestra, Zulù.
Tv trasmissions: Primo maggio (Rai 3).
Video: Federico Salvatore (Arancia Records), Dunia Molina.
Recording studio: Anagramma "Nibiru" (Terre sommerse),  Dunia Molina (Indipendent), Coolio "Acoustic vibrations" (Self)

2009: Daniele Iacono has performed with:
Appassionante, Alberto Mennini, Andrea Ra, Enrico Capuano, Sabrina Zunnui, Jernnifer Matthews, Dunia Molina, Anagramma, O´Zulú (99 posse), Play time jazz quartet, Fedrico Salvatore, Fabio Furnari, Grazia di Michele.
Tv trasmissions:
"Uno mattina" Rai, with Alberto Mennini.
Recording studio:
Alberto Mennini, Coolio.

2008: Daniele has performed with:
Jennifer Matthewst (February), Enrico Capuano, Federico Salvatore,.
Daniele has performed on stage in Italy with: Anagramma, The Verreng project, Andrea Ra, Pixel, Mark Shuttak, Play time jazz quartet (Danimarca), Big band Donna Olimpia, Dunia Molina.
Participation in theTV show:
1 Maggio Rai tre with Enrica Capuano e I Bisca.
Album Recording:
Jennifer Matthews Dvd "Live in Italy", Anagramma “Terre sommerse", The Verreng Project (Travels in a six strings world) "Indipendente",
Nave laica "Indipendente" Andrea Ra "Altipiani", Rumori di Fondo "Indipendent". Dunia Molina "Indipendente".

2007: Daniele has performed on stage in Italy with: Andrea Ra, La Malareputazione, D-Verreng Project, Grace Solero, Enrico Capuano, Federico Salvatore, Frankie Hi Energy, Appassionante and Dunia Molina. In Denmark he has played with Playtime Jazz Quartet, Frank Bidstrup Trio, Leroy Collins and Niels Harbo. He recorded for the American Rapper Jazz Pa.
Furthermore he has recorded the soundtrack for a film by Abel Ferrara called “Go go tale” for Cam Musical Editions, music by Francis Kuipers, and recorded albums with La Malareputazione: “La Rena instabile”, Grace Solero: “Grace Solero” and Appassionante: “Appassionante”.

2006: He recorded in June with Grace Solero band in London. He is working for his original project and production. Recording studio in January with singer Angelo Nero for Overlook record. Tour 2006 with Federico Salvatore.
Album Recording with: Grace Solero ("New Moon"), Dino Scerra ("Aspettavo i tempi"), Maurizio Angelozzi ("Sul ciglio della strada") Label "Terre sommerse". Patrick Edera ("L’ Arlecchino nudo") Label "Terre sommerse", LaMalareputazione ("L’arena instabile") and Alex Rishoej. Live Concerts with Grace Solero, Fabio Furnari, Appassionante, Berliner Synphonic Orchestra, Andrea Ra, Enrico Capuano, Mark Shattuk, John Denilsen, Frank Bistrup, Daniele Groff, Jens Elmose, Niels Harbo, Gianluca Verrengia, Jupiter's Moon, LaMalareputazione.

2005: Recording of album Stefano Panunzi "Timelines" Silenzio distribution. Recording of international album "Appassionante", Edel distribution.
Recording of album Marco Meloni Edel distribution.
Studio recording for various new Artists.
Concerts with Amalia Grè e Andrea Ra, tour 2005 with Federico Salvatore.
Recording song "Come farai" with singer Gaf, for Subside record.
Partecipation in december (Auditorium "Parco della Musica") in Rome at International festival "Flautissimo", with Marco Bottini quintet, musics composed by Francesco Santucci.

2004: Tour with Daniele Groff and opening-concerts for Renato Zero and Bryan Adams (single date).
Participations at Videoitalia, Festivalbar, Top of the pops, "Special live" on RAI3 and Tim tour.
Concerts with Amalia Grè. Concerts with Arabic group Aladnah, recording of album "El Deep" and video. Recording of album "Pioggia d'estate" by rapper Il Bagatto.

2003: Tour with Federico Salvatore ( and recording of album "Dov'è l'individuo" and video "Musica leggera".
Participation in the Andrea Ra video "Vestita come Ra". Recording of album "Dreaming of love" by Lollipop.

2002: RDS Tour: Lollipop, Paolo Fattorini, Daniele Vit, Andrea Febo, Martha (participation In the video "Verso sud").
Recording of album with Gaf.
Participation in the RAI TV show with Lino Banfi and the orchestra of Gerardo di Lella directed by him. Recording of Ferrarelle commercial spot.
Concerts with Amalia Grè,-one at the Ostuni jazz festival.

2001: Record with Matilda Mother for sound track's movie "l'ultima lezione" of Fabio Rosi.
Concert with Paola Turci at the Casinò of Nuova Gorica. Recording of Coca cola Commercialspot with Niccolò Fabi (Listen to track).
Tour with Andrea Ra and recording of album "Scacchi assassini".
Participation in the Rai-tv-transmission "Premio Recanati" with Amalia Grè.

2000: Tour "Sereno ad ovest" with Niccolò Fabi who is the opening-act at Stings Italian tour.
Participation at MONZA ROCK FESTIVAL in wich playd also with the singer Max Gazzè,
Festivalbar, Night express, Rai TV and radio shows.
Participation at Sanremo 2000 with Enrico Sognato and recording of album "E io ci penso ancora".

1999: Tour with Andrea Ra.
Tour with the Supernaturals (the group of the American blues singer Crystal White).
Concert with the vocal quartet Blue Pop at the Villa Celimontana jazz festival.
Registration of albums "Parole e poesia" 10 e 11 by Mogol.
Recording music for radioidue’s program ALCATRAZ”.

1998: Tour "Stelle" with Ron and TV live concert (Night Express).
Radio concerts in RAI.

1997: Tour with the Supernaturals and with the gospelgroup Jubilee love train composed by:
Charlie Cannon, Joy Garrison, Desiree Mohammad, Crystal White, Orlando Johnson.
Recording cd of Enrico Sognato: "L'amore versa", "Mary, Mary".

1996: Tour "Vorrei incontrarti fra 100 anni" with Ron, participation in the video "Ferite e Lacrime" and in various Rai and Videomusic tv-programmes such as: Festivalbar, Nightexpress etc. Concerts RADIORAI. Tour with Tiromancino and participation in the video "Conchiglia", in the TV show "Segnali di fumo" on Videomusic and liveconcert in Radiocapital.
Recording of album with Giacomo di Leo.
Participation in the direct RAI transmission from Brancaccio theatre in Rome (in honour of the songwriter Piero Ciampi) with Disegni e gli Ultracorpi.
Recording of a song by Bobby Solo.

1995: Tour with Disegni e gli Ultracorpi. Participation in the TV show TELEKOMMANDO on Videomusic (5 episodes), live concert in Radiotre. Recording of album "Scambierei le figurine con chiunque" of Enrico Sognato, participation in the video "X mi hai fatto perdere la testa", and participation in the TV show "TRIBÙ" on TMC.

1994: Tour with Giò Chiarello. Tour with the bigband "Trombe Rosse" directed by Massimo Nunzi with whom has participated at important Italian jazz-festivals also playing with the  american trumpeter Lester Bowie. Concert at Rock Cafè in Praque, Radioconcert (Radio 3) "No all'intolleranza", Participation in the TV Program "Sotto il cielo di Taormina" (Rai1).
RAI trasmission with orchestra of Frizzi. Participation at the Festival Di Recanati (Rai3) with Paideja with whom does live concerts. 2 participations in ROXY BAR (on Videomusic) with PAIDEJA and Roberto Mariani and Participation in "Cronache Medievali" (on Videomusic), live-concert on Magic TV and recording of album. Participation at "L'altro festival" Sanremo (Rai3) and at "Festival del Midem" Cannes with Mirella Felli. Recording for sound tracks movie "Le donne non vogliono più" of Pino Quartullo.

1993: Tour with Gianni Davoli. Participation with Roberto Mariani at the Rai-programme "Rino Gaetano".

1991/92: Tour with Jovanotti, recording of albums "Una tribù che balla" and "Lorenzo 1992",
Various tv (Rai) and radio (Radio DeeJay) program participations + live concert (Italiauno).
Participation with Gianni Davoli in TV-program "Telethon"(Rai1).

1991: Tour with Gepi&Gepi.

1990: Tour with Gianni Davoli, Recording of single "7 days of a life" with "Ezra Winston".
Creates a Funky/Fusion band called "Anagramma" with whom has recorded several unedited songs
and also a jazz group called "Apotema" with whom has played several concerts.
Recording of album for Rai's trumpet player Francesco (Cicci) Santucci.
1989: Tour in the US with New York jazz-pianist John Jacobson.
Collaboration with the danceschool American dance machine at New York for the Dancers of the Broadway show.

1988: Recording of album "Ancient afternoon" with the rock-progressive group Ezra
Winston and concerts.

1986: Recording of album "Myth of the Chrysavides" with Ezra Winston.
Ezra Winston - "The Birth and The First Flight"

1985: Tour with popgroup Fabbrica di stelle.
Daniele has played with various foreign artists, among others the American pianist Larry Porter, singer Kisia Bostik, trompist Lester Bowie and bassplayer Matthew Garrison.

Among the various producers has collaborated with Claudio Cecchetto, Greg Walsh, Lucio Dalla as well as with various record companies: BMG, Virgin, WEA, Emy, Universal, Poligram,Warner, FRI (FREE RECORD INDIPENDENT), etc.

Teaching activities
Daniele teaches since 1986 both privately and in schools. Since 1990 he has adopted the
Drummers Collective-method with which has teached at the romans music schools: Mississipi
Jazz club, VD Music , Officine Musicali and In the communal school of Nepi Leonardo.
At the moment teaches in the roman school: ACCADEMIA MUSICALE "D.SCARLATTI", the "SCUOLA POPOLARE DI MUSICA DONNA OLIMPIA", COMPAGNIA DELLE STELLE (Quartier generale).
Has performed various clinics for Paiste, DW Drums and Pearl.

Professional experiences as composer
Daniele has studied orchestration and composition with the teacher Antonio Palcich, and he composed orchestral music for different movies working with various directors and he also made arrangements for musics of pop artists.

2003: Arrangement and conduction for the album "Voce del verso Amare" of Umberto Broccoli.

1997: Composition of the music for the restored version of the animated cartoon "La rosa di Baghdad" (winner of "First prize absolute" at the "Festival dei ragazzi"; Tenth International Cinematografic Art Festival of Venice) directed and animated by Anton Gino Domenighini.

1996: Composition of music for the shortfilm "Tempo" by Lorenzo Negri, winner of the Shortfilm-festival of Los Angeles "Visions in the world". Arrangements for piano, choir, string band and oboe for the singer Leo Nhora.

1994: "Nastro d'argento" award in the City of Mexico for the music for the film "Vagabunda" by the Mexican director Armando Rosas Priego.

1992: Composition of the music for the thriller "Terminator dall'inferno" by the Mexican director Renè Cardona.

1990: Composition and orchestration of the soundtrack for the film "Uova di Garofano" of Silvano Agosti (co-produced with RAI2). The film participates at the Festival of Venice 1991 and in 1994 receives an award for the music by the Ministry of culture. It also participates at various international festivals and is still being shown at the cinema Azzurro Scipioni in Rome. CD distribution by Ricordi, music performed by
the orchestra Santa Cecilia of Rome, directed by Bruno Moretti.
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